The benefits of a whole house audio video distribution system are huge. In addition to having audio and video throughout the home it is worth focusing on individual sources where the benefits may not be immediately apparent.Visit us for great deals in Digital Integration.

Sky HD

With the advent of Sky + video distribution systems have really come in to their own. For quite some time people have been utilising the 2nd RF output on Sky receivers to get access to their Sky package in the master bedroom. Some people have even run to the expense of Sky multiroom to have the second room fed from its own receiver. With our systems we centralise the Sky receiver and make it available everywhere in the property – with High Definition audio and video available to every room. Not only does this give you the ultimate picture quality it also gives you access to all your recordings and live TV pause etc. Now you can watch what you want when you want throughout the home. For the ultimate indulgence we often install several Sky + HD boxes and give them names – one for kids, one for adults!

Kaleidescape DVD Servers

The Kaleidescape DVD server has revolutionised the way we can distribute DVD’s around the home. We have the option of installing a player in a dedicated home cinema room or centralising all the players, with audio and video distributed in high definition. Centralising the Movie Player 1080 gives us the flexibility to allow any room to join in a film at any point – allowing you to pause a film in the cinema and continue watching it in bed. It is difficult to mention Kaleidescape and not mention the beautiful user interface. List views and collections give you access to lots of information very easily – for example run length, sort by director, lead actor, genre etc but the best bit is the cover art view. In cover art view your films are arranged by relevance so if you hover over ‘Ice Age’ then you would get kids films grouped near by and also the artists films. This unique shuffle revolutionises the way you watch films – making it easy to pick out all films by a certain actor or watching films by a certain director.

Audio Servers

Our audio servers apply the same principal to CD’s as the above Kaleidescape server applies to DVD’s. Imagine being able to access your entire music collection anywhere in the home – without the need for a TV in the room. Multiple outputs allow one CD to be played in the bathroom whilst another plays in the bedroom. Simply inserting a CD in to the server means it is stored for ever – the server automatically goes off to the internet and downloads cover art and track listings – all of which can be displayed on a touchpanel in your chosen room.

iPod integration

We have a number of ways to share iPod’s around the home. At first glance a distributed iPod may render the above audio server redundant but there is nothing more frustrating than realising your partner has taken the iPod in the car or to the gym and you therefore have no music available. We tend to install iPod docking stations in kids bedrooms – they have access to their music and don’t clog your audio server with music you aren’t interested in. We can even make the iPod in the kids bedrooms available throughout the home, meaning they can easily listen to their music in the games room or pool.